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Nested Triangles

Our Organizational Structure

On 2 Feb 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported: "Never before have big employers tried so hard to hand over chunks of their business to contractors. From Google to Wal-Mart, the strategy prunes costs for firms and job security for millions of workers." *
In terms of cost-efficiency, ADASI has found that this strategy can work equally well for small and medium-sized businesses, among which we have done much of our business. As for continuity of work, this benefit is upgraded from being a decision largely under independent organizational control to being a choice among the market that the team member may develop.

ADASI (pronounced like "Odyssey") has always done business as a network of independent contractors individually chosen (for their subject-matter and professional expertise, fitness to purpose, and demonstrated capacity for first-rate performance) by our chief consultant and founding member.  For more information about the chief consultant, see his operating profile at (Albert DiCanzio) and, if you have access, his research profile at that site.


Concepts Underlying Our Business Name

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, an odyssey is an extended adventurous wandering or an intellectual or spiritual quest. There are rumors abound about how ADASI (pronounced like Odyssey) got its name. Some observers see it as set apart from the rest of the publishing world and point out that in Turkish it means "island," symbolic of an independent contractor who collaborates contractually with clients in the mode of Sherlock Holmes, the famous fictional consulting detective. Others say that it is an acronym for some ancient Latin phrase that points, with convenient ambiguity, toward heaven or toward interstellar space.

Even more fantastic is the unfounded speculation that Arthur C. Clarke originally wanted to name his famous novel "2001: A Space ADASI" before being seized with Homeric inspiration. Still, others refuse to speculate on the origin of this homonymous, suggestive name, noting with chagrin that, "If the company declines to explain its name, why should I care?" For its part, ADASI denies all rumors but still offers no explanation.