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In the words of one of our authors: "The history of science is as much about science as it is about history." ADASI is your publisher for books on science and its history; we aim to "present science through its history, and to make our heroes real by connecting their unfinished work to the continuity of civilizations." We bring special discounts to our web readers who have visited us directly. What does ADASI mean? Click here.

Galileo's Two New Sciences; Drake's History of Free Fall; MacLachlan's Children of Prometheus, DiCanzio's Galileo; His Science and His Significance for the Future of Man. Click here for descriptions of each title.

Think you know all about him? Take our 5-minute Galileo test and receive your score. If you flunk, don't panic - just order DiCanzio's Galileo and find exposed a multiplicity of modern myths concerning the man about whom Einstein and Infeld said "The discovery and use of scientific reasoning by Galileo was one of the most important achievements in the history of human thought, and marks the real beginning of physics." How did Galileo measure time? To find the answer in Thayer's "Juggleometry History", click here. For related information, see this.

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